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Here are some talented, published writers who aren’t ashamed to admit a belief in Jesus,
something not generally celebrated in the literary community.


Jen Abbas
Reed Arvin
Traci DePree
Annie Dillard
David James Duncan
Clyde Edgerton
Leif Enger
Tim Farrington
Fannie Flagg
Earlene Fowler
Ernest Gaines
Kaye Gibbons
Diane Glancy
Albert Haley
Ron Hansen
Sister Anne Higgins, poet
Oscar Hijuelos
Lynne Hinton
Michelle Huneven
Jan Karon
Jane Kirkpatrick
Anne Lamott
Li-Young Lee, poet
Billie Letts
Bret Lott
Kathleen Norris
Reynolds Price
Virginia Stem Owens
Peggy Payne
Marilyn Robinson
Catherine Ryan Hyde
James Schaap
Luci Shaw, poet
Betty Smartt Carter
Lee Smith
Kate Young Caley
Lauren Winner
Vinita Hampton Wright

Luci Shaw

Kaye Gibbons, Ernest Gaines

Peggy Payne

posted July 27, 2007
Judy Alexander, webmaster