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  Book Review

Listening to the Rhythms of the Soul by Margaret Morgan Maat, Epic Press
reviewed by Judy Alexander, April 16, 2002

Are you looking for some meaning in your struggles? Do you want to grow and learn instead of becoming bitter and resentful when life proves difficult?

Do you want to be brave and honest enough to announce your life’s calling?

If so, read Margaret Morgan Maat’s Listening to the Rhythms of the Soul. A training consultant, retreat leader, and public speaker, Margaret has obviously listened closely to God’s voice. She believes that no life experience is wasted. Every situation provides an opportunity for growth, both in wisdom and in closeness to God.

The 192-page book is divided into one- or two-page meditations, suitable for a personal devotional. The five sections are Re-envisioning Life’s Journey, Reclaiming the Self, Connecting with Others, Growing through Change, and Exchanging Faith for Hope.

I read this book shortly after being laid-off from my job, a good time to read such thoughtful, inspiring writing. I especially enjoyed the chapters “A Well-Time Failure” and “Listening to Our Losses.”

On page 42, Margaret writes, “When we are absolutely empty, then we can be filled.”

This book is great if you are seeking God’s will in your life, especially when life isn’t going smoothly.

Listening makes a good gift, too, for a friend who is going through a challenging life transition. The book is very emotionally honest, often profound, and always hopeful.

To order Listening, visit Margaret’s web site at www.communityinc.com

posted July 7, 2002
Judy Alexander, webmaster